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There are two types of seed plants.

  1. Angiosperms
  2. Gymnosperms

The difference between Angiosperms and Gymnosperms is that angiosperms plants are all the plants with flowers and fruits whose seeds are enclosed within an ovary while gymnosperms plants are non-flowering plants whit uncovered seeds.

Flowering plants are angiosperm plants and have more than 300,000 known species.

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Importance of Flowering Plants

Flowers are a basic unit of nature. These are primary source of feed for insects birds animals as well as humans.

Flowering plants provide natural medicines. No doubt without flowers, the world may be green, but it will be a dull place.

Reproductive Aid

Flowers are the primary source of assistance in plant reproduction. These are such attribute which soothes the eyes, and it works best for the visual aid.

It is the principle of nature that all small insects collect their nectar from several colorful flowering plants and while collecting their nectar they drop pollens on soil, and these following pollen grains results in the production of new flowering plants.

Nectar for birds & insects

nectar for insects,flowering plants,plantyland

The daily life of many insects, bees, wasps, tiny ants as well as butterflies relies on the nectar of flowering plants. These creatures are known as the pollinators because they are the primary source of pollination by which several new flowering plants grow.

A few names of flowers such as organ pipe and agave are the feeding source for the birds, and some plants open only at night, it means they released their nectar and pollen at night. These plants are beneficial for the bats.

Food source for humans & animals

flower for animals-plantyland

In the animal kingdom biggest flower predators are deer and rabbits. The flowering vegetable, which is preferred to eat on priorities is Geraniums and Pansies.

Flowering plants are also a significant source of food. All fruits are flowering plants. They are natural vitamins providers.

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Reduce Stress and boost our Brain

Flowers has soft beauty in their physical appearance and also have natural scents, which reduce our stress. It makes our brain to feel fresh and boost memory as well.

Helps to express your love emotions

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”

Flowers are the best source of expressing your love to the beloved one. Father’s day, mother’s day, birthday and any other happy event, these occasions can’t celebrate without flowers. Flower can do more than a thousand dollar gift.

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