Types of indoor plants

Indoor plants are different in shapes and sizes. These are mainly Eco-friendly but different well from each other by their species, characteristics, and growth cycles.

For plant lovers, we have gathered many types of indoor plants as listed below:

Common Indoor Plants

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The habitual house plants are found very easily inside the homes, offices and work-spaces. Habitual houseplants are common indoor plants which are Eco-friendly and healthy such as jade plantaloe veraand snake plant.

Indoor Flowering Plants

Peace Lily
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African violet
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Over the last few decades, indoor flowering plants become increasingly popular. Initially, people were unfamiliar with the benefits of houseplants. How to take care of these plants? Over time, they came to know the cycle of colorful plants from bud to uplifting into a flower enhance the attractiveness, the role of plantation in beauty and health.

Peace LilyBromeliads Flower, Poinsettia, and African Violets are some indoor flowering plants.

Indoor Cactus Plants

We can propagate a jade plant by using its stem or using its leaves
We can grow cacti indoor If indoor areas have enough light, warmth and temperature. The most common question is how to take care of Cactus plants?

Climbing Plants

Climbing Plant-plantylandClimbing plants are plants which climb up and attaches itself to the wall or something else as its supporting object.

These small indoor plants are playing a dual role for the beauty in the home as well as the healthy source for human lives.

Indoor Bulbous Plants

Bulbous plants-plantylandThe bulbous plant is the most challenging plant to grow within homes. Though it is eco-friendly it demands full care and a few people have the collection of these types of plantation around within their spaces. These mini plants are used for health tips and care.

Some pleasing Bulbous Plants are:

  • Onion Bulbous
  • Amaryllis

Indoor Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket/=,plantylandConservatories are the best place for these plants to grow. These small indoor plants used for decoration purposes within a home for beauty purposes.

Indoor Fern Plants

This collection of indoor plants is very suitable for health, beauty and environment. Some Fern type plants are:

  • Sword fern
  • Asplenium nidus
  • Athyrium filix-femina/Lady Fern

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