Top 10 Best Indoor Plants You Must Have in Your House


Several indoor plants add attraction and beauty into nature. A few small indoor plants grow into small pots, and the rest grow by way of flowering plants or in the form of trees.

Indoor houseplants or floor plants add decoration into apartments or bedrooms. The plants for decoration need specific sunlight but more maintenance. Numerous are best indoor plant trees for breathing and known as well as an air purifier.

Every indoor plant has particular characteristics. Some indoor water plants are wall-crawler; on the other hand, small tiny plants are for beauty in homes, offices and schools as well. House plants are beneficial for health and beauty.

There are following plant types enlisted below:-

The Succulent leaf plant is well known for its beauty and health benefits. These originated from the very first in Africa country, and with time these are then grown in random countries, and the cultivation took place in many various countries.

The maintenance of aloe-vera plant is also effortless. The more the care given to these plants, the fast they give birth to pulps to create a new aloe vera. We can easily pot this in small pots of the plant. It doesn’t have any aerin perfume smell.

Peace lily is an all-time favorite indoor plant. The color of the flowers and leaves are very fresh and eye-catching. The blossom over the plants each part and look makes it attractive to put it in houses and offices.

These plants become rotten if the wrong amount of water and sunlight spear implemented on them. For the propagation, it can be further use by dividing it into segments. It has in perfume fragrance.

The body of jade indoor plants consist of the thick trunk, and the leaves are of oval-shaped. It can be used for propagation and can be grown up in houses quickly. It also grows in small plant pots.

The jades if grown from the cutting leaves of Jade, with no extra time, we will find out these indoor houseplants everywhere around our surroundings. Trifecta plus fertilizer is used to enhance the fertility of the plant.

Snake plant initially is grown and cultivated from the Africa Country parts. With time it grew into many places and many nicknames assigned to them: Mother-in-law’s tongue. This indoor snake plant removes the restlessness and makes a deep sleep environment.

The maintenance and easy care of common spider house plant are straightforward. In many countries, it is a trendy indoor plant. It has been over 200 years to grow these indoor plants in summer and spring seasons.

The newly born spider plant from flowers grows and results in a new plant, and this is the reason the indoor plant is straightforward to grow or maintain.

African violets are small houseplants. These plants are a particular love & attention seeker. Purple, white & blue flowers on thick fuzzy leaves are looking awesome.

If proper care and weather condition provided to this plant, this species would spread all over at any time, no discrimination of season required for its care, health and maintenance.


7- Chinese Money Plant

This plant is associated with fortune though known as the “Pancake Plant” name. Chinese money plant or Pilea peperomioides is the weekly watering demanded plants. However, by offshoot the sprout, these plants can be replanted and keep the money plant all-around in surroundings.

Peperomia obtusifolia or baby rubber indoor plant becomes a very common houseplant. From various cultivars it may include dark green, mottled as well as variegated, these all are easy to propagate. They produce their flowers from spikes, but this plant considers as non-showy.


9- Weeping Fig

With the Botanical name of “Ficus Benjamina,” it is the part of Ficus Genus. Weeping fig belongs to the tree plants. It is an indoor tropical tree plant. It needs some special care when grown in homes or offices. Mostly grown are Bonsai plants.


10- Zanzibar Gem

It is a brilliant foliage indoor plant used in offices and home spaces. It calls with many names like Zizi, Zee Zee plant and steel plant. ZZ plant is leaves apartments just like snake plants.

These are low light and low maintenance plants and requires little water, but to grow these plants indoor need harsh conditions, on the other hand, these are drought tolerant.

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