Rose Colors and What They Indicate

About Rose

Roses, the “Queen of Flowers,” has been valued for thousands of years. Their cultivation is based at least on the Greek and Roman times. Many varieties of Chinese stem are from ancient garden plants in Iran and Turkey. Wild roses grow worldwide in many habitats, from forests to banks, rivers to high mountains.

The Family Rosaceae


Real roses belong to Rosa’s genus, but this is a subset of a larger family known as Rosaceae. The Rose family contains an incredible number of flowering and edible plants, including:

  1. Fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, peach, and plum)
  2. Hawthorn
  3. Strawberry and raspberry
  4. Cotoneaster
  5. Pyracantha
  6. Potentilla
  7. Spirea
  8. Photinia, Laurel, and Himalaya Blackberry are relatives of roses.

Understand the Meaning of Rose

Did you hear that “a rose is a rose is a rose”? But according to flower experts, this is not entirely true. Rose is the most popular flower in the world that has many different meanings, depending on its blooming color.

Floristry, also known as the flower language, was all the rage in the Victorian era. Giving flowers to someone was never just a gift: each flower had hidden meaning that could be used to convey how you feel in your sweetheart. Not only the type of delivery and arrangement was necessary, but also the type and color of your flowers meant the difference between “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”

Like today, roses symbolize love. But whether it is friendship or romantic love depends on the shadow of the rose.

There are many types of roses by colors. To understand the meanings of rose colors, we have put together the natural shades of roses and which are symbolized by each color.

Red Rose Meaning: Admiration and Love

Red Rose Bouquet

This red color may sometimes show dark pink in color, and this red color rose is the symbolism of admiration and love. People use the red rose as a gift for Valentine’s day. This is the perfect gift for your long-term partner because it conveys the message of deep romantic feelings. Newly relationships people have to stay away from it.

Yellow Rose Meaning: Friendship

yellow rose meaning -Friendship day gift

The yellow color is the symbol of the cheerful and bright happiest shade. One can feel cheerful and pleased with this yellow-colored rose. This color is used for friendship on Galentine’s Day. If you are in a romantic relationship, you have to stay away from this color. One may feel disappointed with this.

Orange Rose Meaning: Passion, Desire and Enthusiasm

orange rose meanings and indication

We already know that red roses mean deep love and yellow roses friendship. Since Orange is a combination of the two, imagine it as a bridge between the two that Palomares shows. “These vibrant flowers, which are an indication of passion, energy, and charm, show your lover that you want your friends to go to the next level,” he says. Of course, there are other options besides roses.

White Rose Meaning: Purity, Innocence

White is the purest color. Historically, it represented virginity and innocence. The other well-known name is the “bridal flower” and highlights Palomares as it marks the beginning of new marriages. But even if you are not ready for the wedding, this rose could be the right one for your relationship.

“A bouquet of fresh white roses is an ideal gift for a flower love story,”

Says Palomares

Would you like to keep your leaves as a sweet reminder? The following explains how the flowers are dried.

Deep Pink Roses Meaning: Happiness and Gratitude


With pink roses, all colors have one thing in common. They symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy and are a much more sensible option than red. For example, while red means passionate love, consider pink as a sign of admiration. Palomares explains how grateful roses are when you tell your best friend how much you share the vineyard because they “show happiness and gratitude.”

Medium Pink Rose: Thanksgiving


Experts say that all shades of medium pink are the most versatile for women. These roses are suitable for a variety of occasions. For example, they can be given as a token of gratitude, but they are also an excellent option to give to a grieving person. It’s also a great way to say congratulations or recognize first love. You can’t go wrong with medium pink roses. Did we also say that they’re great? Roses can only be the beginning of how you express your love.

Light Pink Rose: Innocence and Sweetness

As an alternative to white roses, consider light pink roses. “They imply innocence, but they also send a message of appreciation,” says Palomares. “These beautiful leaves are a great gift for your mother, sister, and even a close friend.” They show friendship thanks to their light tones, so this is an excellent option for a good-looking gift in a sad situation.

Lavender Purple Rose Meaning: Love and Magic

Purple roses are temporarily in love instead of a long and loving relationship. Sending purple roses, however, can be a step towards more lasting feelings of love and pave the way for future gifts of pink, red, and orange roses. “Just an FYI while some purple roses are colored, others are grown in natural colors. And in addition to flowers, you shouldn’t miss these gifts that women really want for Valentine’s Day.

Violet Rose: Intense Passion


Lavender is a color between red or pink. It is not a perfect red or perfect pink color. It is used to express your desire that it is extraordinary. It is exquisite and rare, so one is very special that this rear rose to them. It delights the queen in one’s life.

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