Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender, scientifically known as “Lavandula Angustifolia”, is generally used in pharmaceutical products and also an as fragrant ingredient in cosmetics, soaps & perfumes. It used as flavor component in foods and beverages.

Despite these uses, Lavender also has a beneficial impact on our health and beauty. It can use for depression, stress, anxiety, pain after surgery, enhances the immune system and digestion.

It can also reduce acne & wrinkles and to heathen the hair. (But there is no scientifical evidence for these uses of Lavender).

Reduce Stress & Sleep Well

The natural compound in Lavender is used to relax our muscles & mind by relieving anxious thoughts; it’ll lower the level of Stress.

Lavender essential oil is used in aromatherapy. It keeps the body away from anti-fungal, antibacterial effects.  It has a positive impact on the human’s nervous system, which help to dispose of your mind from negative thoughts; as a result, one can sleep well.

Heart Attack Prevention

Due to the relaxing qualities of Lavender, it reduces the blood pressure and appeasing the tension on blood vessels. It prohibits cardiovascular problems and lowering the risk of a heart attack.

Lavender Oil as Acne Remover & Skin Cleanser

Acne Removal

Lavender oil is the skin toner. It prevents different bacteria from spreading acne. To get the best result; One can use the coconut oil applied on the skin and wash face with Lavender oil.

Soak the Cotton ball into Lavender oil and rub it very gently over dry skin; It will result from reducing the acne from the face, will keep away different pimples and solve the problem of skin dryness.

Skin Cleanser

Lavender essential oil reduces the irritation and redness of skin. For natural skin cleanser; mix two drops of lavender oil with an equal amount of tea tree oil and add two tablespoons of coconut oil.

Natural Inflammation Remedy

Lavender Oil has rich and powerful anti-fungal properties which reduces the inflammation from the skin.

If there is any infection on the scalp or scalp is dry, you can use lavender essential oil to get rid of all these problems. you can speed up the healing process as well.

Home Remedy For Lice

Lavender oil is also for healthy and beautiful hair. It is suggested by many doctors that by using this essential oil, you can keep your hair healthy and it also kills hair lice.

Burn Healer

If one has any burn across any part of the body. It has the property to promote the healing capability of skin tissues. It enhances the healing process of skin tissues.

Flu Treatment

Lavender oil has such a smell which if a human smells also gets the advantages of smelling sense in a positive way. If one is suffering from fever and getting flu, can get the flue away by using this oil.

How to Make Lavender Oil?

Cut off the stem with flowers and dry it

Take a fresh lavender stem with flower, cut it off and let them dry. If you have a fresh lavender plant, you need to dry it. You can dry it quickly by using a towel or cloth.

One can let them dry by putting under direct sunlight. Sunlight is the fastest method to make them dry. The reason behind using dry lavender reduces the chance of spoilage.

Crumble the lavender

Now crumble the lavender with your hands and put them in a clean jar. Mix water in the jar may interfere with the infusion.

Non-Scented oil

Add some non scented oil (almond oil, olive oil and safflower oil) into the jar.

Cover Jar Tightly

Cover the jar tightly and leave it in a sunny location. After two days you will notice scent (if you do not have sunlight then heat it carefully as an alternative method to heat it up).

Filter the Oil and Ready to Use

Filter the oil by putting a piece of soft cloth over it. And save the oil into the dark bottle or jar. The oil is ready to use.

How to Apply Lavender Oil on Hair?

There are many methods to apply oil on hair some are below:-

1- Add lavender oil with health care products

The health care products such as shampoo and conditioners are beneficial for the hair. For better growth, add the lavender oil with these health care products but keep in mind, not to add the extra quantity, because the excess amount of oil can damage your hair.

Add Lavender Oil with Dilute Oils

To apply lavender oil; it is better to mix it with our routine oil such as coconut oil. Apply this for 5 to 10 minutes; as a result, you will get the silky, smooth, and healthy hair.

Wrap Your Head

Lavender oil can apply easily by wrapping head in a towel after letting lavender oil on your hair. Leave it for the 5 to 10 minutes and then wash hair thoroughly.

Precautions for using lavender oil

If a product is beneficial for our skin. It has a dark side as well, same as Lavender oil has many adverse effects on our skin we should keep in mind:
  1. Do not use Lavender oil in excess amount; as a result, it will lead to the skin redness.
  2. IWhen one smells Lavender oil continuously, then he may feel Drowsy and sleepy.
  3. If you guess the skin rashes and irritation by using Lavender oil, then stop using Lavender oil because it may not be Soothing your skin and producing allergy.
  4. If by mistake You get Lavender oil into your eyes .on the next second wash eyes immediately so that Lavender oil does not enter into your eyes
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