15 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Basil Herb


Basil or Tulsi is known as “Queen of Herbs” which provides many health and skin benefits to people . Its leaves are very energetic for the body of a person. It originates the positive thoughts and keeps depression and stress away.

Anti-inflammatory Property

Holy Basil is wealthy with the property of anti-inflammatory. It can cure a variety of diseases and many disorders in very Rapid time. The powerful oils, including eugenol, citronellol and linalool, help to lower the inflammation. By the help of Tulsi enzymes, the anti-inflammatory property keeps one away from different diseases such as:
  • Heart Attacks
  • Bowel Conditions
  • Construction Of The Vessel
  • Fever
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Cough
  • Headache

Remedy for Cough & respiratory problems

The cough and flu can cure from chewing the basil leaves. The chewing of basil leaves help to metabolize that occurs in Bronchitis and asthma.

In the case of sore throats boiled water with basil leaves and use it, you will feel relief from sore throat. Tulsi is an essential ingredient and used most often in preparing for cough syrups.

Good for Digestion

The basil leaves enhance the nervous system and reduce headaches.

It is written down in the book “healing foods“ by DK publishing:

Basil facilitates optimal digestion.

The enzymes or particles present in the leaves are beneficial for the digestive tract. Basil plant leaves used for balancing the acidic amount in the body and restore the body’s pH level.

Remedy For Stomach Ache

Several stomach problems like acidity and constipation can cure by using the holy basil leaves. It is beneficial for the digestive system, and it makes our stomach cool. It helps the people to stop vomiting in a case of lack of appetite.

Liver Supporter

Basil has detox properties which keep the liver healthy. The liver is an organ of a body which plays the crucial role in the metabolism process that keeps our fats to built-in in the liver and keeps our liver healthy, and as a result, we remain healthy.

Kidney Stones Treatment

The Tulsi plant is a detoxifying agent. It helps to reduce the level of Uric acid. It is helpful behind the kidney stones.

Basil plant has a strengthening effect on the kidney. If someone is facing the renal stone, the juice of the basil leaves mixed with honey can help to remove the stone from the urinary tract.

Natural anti-Depressant

The basil oil helps us to get out of the depression. This herb is used to stimulate the neurotransmitters, which help to regulate the hormone for happiness and energy.

The harmoniums are responsible for inducing joy and enthusiasm. Basil oil, considered as the anti-stress agent and has immune-boosting properties, helps to reduce stress.

Basil Herb; Healthy Heart Food

Basil plant reduces the cholesterol level. Tulsi contains vitamin C and many other types of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect our heart organ from different radicals and adverse effects. Tulsi plant reduces the blood pressure and keeps our heart blood flow stable.

Diabetic Management

By the Basil consumption, we get the result in slow release of sugar in human blood of the body. It is beneficial for people with diabetes.

The Basil herb is vibrant with the low glycemic load. The oil present in the vessel used to cut down the cholesterol level. It reduces the risk level among diabetic patients.

Remedy for Fever and Cold

basil-for dengue-fever

The Basil leaves, if boiled in the water, acts as the preventive against dengue and malaria fever. If you are facing the acute fever, the decoction of leaves boiled in one liter of the water with cardamom powder mixed, the sugar and milk.

It will result to bring the temperature down. It is a germicidal agent and keeps the human body away from viral infections.

Solution for eye disorder

Holy Basil juice is very beneficial for eyes and blindness. It is used to fulfill the lack of vitamin A. If we put the two drops of basil juice daily in our eyes at night, it will suit our eyes and reduce the stress.

Tulsi herb will protect the eye from different problems mainly caused by bacteria and fungus. Due to the bacterial and fungal infections, soaked in tulsi leaves can rescue from disorders.

Solution for eye disorder

Basil leaves are beneficial for the treatment of teeth disorders. Tulsi leaves in a powdered form used for brushing teeth will cure the bleeding gums and keeps our tooth compelling.

Sweet Basil is known as the excellent mouth freshener. It recovers 99% of gums and bacteria found in the mouth. It is used as the mouth wash to sooth to toothache

Helps in quitting smoking

Sweet Basil plant help to quit smoking. It is mighty to keep distracted from the feeling of tobacco.

If put the fresh leaves of Tulsi in your pocket and keep on chewing when get feeling to have smoking, you will distract from that wish of tobacco. The antioxidant stops damage, which is caused by smoking.

Headache relief

For the relief from a headache the basil leaves pounded mixed with Sandalwood paste, if applied on the forehead will give relief.

Insect Repellent

Basil leaves to prevent insects and animal bites. Apply a teaspoon of fresh Tulsi Juice on the skin where the insect has stings or bite; after few hours you will see that the basil oil will results very useful in a case bites of insects and leeches.

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