Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best consideration for houseplant lover, especially for those who love to care for their skin. It’ll act as a decorative piece, a beauty product, and a healthy diet as well.

Wonder plant or aloe vera is a succulent, evergreen, perennial and stemless (sometimes a very short stem) plant. It has more than 250+ species. Some are aloe principis, Arabian aloe, Barbados aloe, Loral aloe, Golden toothed aloe and mountain aloe.

Its leaves are very thick, fleshy and most of the species have white teeth on it. Some species also have flowers on their leaves.

About Aloe Vera Plant

Common Name Aloe Vera
Botanical Name Aloe Barbadensis
Other Names
  1. Wonder Plants
  2. Kanya Kumari (Famous in India)
  3. First Aid Plant
  4. Medicinal Plant
  5. Skin Care Plant
Family Asphodelaceae
Max. Height 25 to 40 (inches)
Poison Property Latex part (layer between the leaf’s skin & gel) is harmful to both humans and pets

How to grow aloe vera at home?

We highly recommend aloe vera to grow as a houseplant due to its widely medicinal use. The best time to grow this wonder plant is the summer season.

Soil for aloe vera

Due to luscious nature, Aloe vera can grow at its best in well-drained soil. It requires sandy & gravelly soil, which has fast drainage capability to reduce the risk of root rot.

For indoor plantation of aloe vera, you can use cacti-soil or mixture of sand, potting soil and pertile.

The pH level must be 6 to 8. If pH is not as much as recommended, you can add gardening lime in the soil.

Container or pot

Use a terracotta pot that has a drainage hole at its bottom to keep aloe healthier.

Kanya kumari plant doesn’t need an enormous container, select one in which the roots of aloe covers 2/3 of the container’s width. We suggest you this size just because aloe vera succulent plant likes dry conditions: smaller the size, less soil in it, so less time required to dry the soil.

Also, choose a container that is wider than deeper because its roots grow horizontally instead of vertically.

Propagation of aloe vera

Aloe vera can be propagated by two methods:

1. Propagation by using leaf

There are very fewer chances to grow aloe vera by using leaf method. It has much more moisture in its leaves, so there are high chances of root rot before it can take root.

Find four-inch long in height leaf and cut it from its base. Use a sharp and clean cutting tool to avoid any damage. The unclean cutter can infest the leaves.

Place the leaf to a warm place and wait until a file is formed on its cutting part (It may take two weeks). Dig the leaf into the soil from its cutting end.

Try to use dry soil, water it slowly and keep the soil in little moist until transplanting begins. Then let the soil to dry completely before watering again.

2. Propagation by using pups

Offsets or pups are the baby aloe plants that have their roots system connected with its parent roots.

Cut-off the pup carefully with its complete root system. The best way is to put the entire aloe plant out of the soil, remove dirt from the roots, find the best place to cut the roots of the pup from its parent origin.

Always use a sharp and clean knife to cut smoothly and prevent the plant from diseases.

Plant it in dry cacti soil and no need to water it immediately, wait for at least one week before first watering.

Dip the cutting part of leaf and root of pup in growth Harmon first for better results.

How to Care Aloe Vera?

Watering aloe vera

As you know, aloe vera is a succulent plant and has plenty of water in its roots and leaves (almost 95%). Which means over-watering can cause rot its roots.

Be patient while watering it, wait to dry soil two inches deep from the surface between watering periods.

When the time comes, water it until it dips from the bottom drainage hole of the pot.

Required light conditions

Aloe vera needs light for 6 to 8 hours daily for better growth. For outdoor plantation of this plant, give it direct sunlight, especially in the morning time but avoid burning daylight.

For indoor plantation, the shiny place is perfect for the wonder plant; the southern-facing window is the most excellent place.

If you have not such a shiny place in your house or workplace, you can use artificial growth light.

Required temperature

Aloe Barbadensis can survive from 50°F to 85°F (10°C to 30°C), but average room temperature (18°C to 25°C) is considered perfect for this plant.

Below 40°F (5°C), it can’t perform well. Wonder plant contains 95% of water, so frost can freeze its leaves becoming a cause to die.

Humidity level

It is a native desert plant and lives happily in low-humid area.

Fertilizing wonder plant

Generally, this plant doesn’t need any fertilizer for its average growth. However, if you want a boost in its growth, you can fertilize it in the warm season (April to September) because in winter they’re unable to use fertilizers.

Try to use water-based fertilizers with a high ratio of phosphorous.


Fertilize only in wet soil, not to direct roots or leaves of aloe vera.

Becarefull from insects

Few pests (Such as mealybugs) are in love to damage aloe plant. Use non-toxic pesticides on your aloe to prevent these pests.

Caring Tips For Aloe Vera

Suitable Soil
  1. Drainage free soil
  2. Regular soil mixed with perlite or coarse sand
  • Let dry soil 2-inches deep from the surface between watering periods
  • Water once in winter months
  • Aloe vera needs light for 6 to 8 hours
  • Avoid burning daylight
  • Use artificial growing lights for indoor dark areas
Temperature 50°F to 85°F (10°C to 30°C)
Humidity Dry air or low-humid area is best for aloe plant

What are the Benefits of aloe vera?

Aloe vera is not just a plant but also have properties worth of thousands of dollars. Here is the overview of some amazing benefits of this skincare plant.

You can also read in detail:

How to use aloe vera for skin?
What are the medicinal uses of aloe vera?

Anti-aging careem

Vitamin E & C enriches in aloe plant provides anti-aging qualities to your face.

It can moisturize your face without making it oily.

Anti-acne agent

Skin care plant with some other ingredients can clear your face from acne and will smooth it.

Aloe vera scrub for dead skin

Wonder plant scrub will exfoliate dead skin, clean your face & body and fade-out scorch & tar.

Best digester

This plant is not only a beauty product but also natural medicine. Experts suggest drinking aloe vera juice in the morning with an empty stomach.

It’ll improve your digestive system and also cure stomach troubles.

Best diet for weight lose

For some people, aloe plant act as all in one solution. Aloe vera juice is not only weight loss product but also boost your immunity system.

Best remedy for hair loss

It contains proteolytic enzymes which provide a new life to the dead cell of your head.

It assists in hair growth, reduces dandruff, and acts as a fantastic conditioner that makes your hair silky and shiny.

Healer for burned skin

Medicinal plant is also used to heal burns as it has cooling and moisturizing properties.

Improves oral health

Aloe toothpaste is far better than a regular toothpaste for oral health.

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